We’re completely chuffed to be partnering up over the next few months with our first ever community partner the St Vincent de Paul Society, Newcastle. From now until December we’ll be using the Feelgood fund to help out by buying fresh produce for the centre’s awesome free café, Vinnie's.

St. Vincent's Newcastle

On the surface, St Vincent’s Newcastle is a community centre and venue run by the St Vincent de Paul Society for the people of Newcastle. Dig a little deeper though, and you soon realise that the work done by this amazing team of staff and volunteers reaches far beyond the walls of the building, offering support, opportunities, and a space to be heard for anyone, regardless of who they are, experiencing hardship in our community.

The list of invaluable support St Vincent’s delivers into the Newcastle community is a long one. From providing supported accommodation for the homeless and specialist clubs and support for people with disabilities, to organising summer camps for children who would otherwise have gone without a holiday, and a foodbank for those experiencing financial hardship. And that’s just for starters..

Newly-refurbished, the affectionately termed, Vinnie’s café is a weekly drop-in lunch service providing free meals for the local homeless population alongside pay-as-you-please meals and drinks for any other members of the Newcastle community experiencing hardship. This is a place where everyone is welcome to meet and chat with friends in a warm, spacious environment, while a dedicated team of volunteers provide table service, napkins and free local newspapers. Post lockdown, guest numbers are rising once again with an average of 80 – 100 hot meals being served every Tuesday through September.

Alongside a delicious, healthy meal, guests are also offered haircuts, benefits and housing advice, and perhaps most importantly, the knowledge that they can return for support and help whenever they need it. The centre is an anchor in an uncertain world and really is a place where ‘community becomes family’.

We honestly can’t wait to find out more about St Vincent’s and all the people who make it what it is. Over the next few months we’ll be sharing those stories and insights on our journal and over on instagram.

St Vincents + Feelgood + you = £800 worth of fresh produce over 4 months.

From September to December that adds up to approximately 1,280 delicious, free, freshly prepared hot meals for hungry guests!! ... And the amazing thing is, the more businesses use our services to help their workplace wellness thrive, the more funds we can pour into our regional communities!!

Our Commitment

‘Our region’ is the north east. We currently deliver fruit boxes to workplaces from Middlesbrough to Ashington, and over time will actively seek to partner with community organisations operating within that geographical range.

We seek to partner with registered community organisations, who have a commitment to promoting equality and diversity, and operate within a framework of accountability and a code of good practice.

We commit to dedicating time to understand the scope of work and the people involved in our community organisation partners as part of our process. Our aim is to link between typically disparate parts of our regional community – the commercial business sector, 3rd sector organisations, and the people who participate in their services. We intend for all parties in this process to be equal stakeholders engaged in a mutually beneficial exchange.