Feelgood Fruit started with a question; how can we be part of our community and contribute to the wellbeing of our region through our business?

We’ve been greengrocers for generations, living and working in Newcastle, Gateshead and Northumberland. Throughout the years, the family business has seen a lot of change for the people in our region, and the times we live in now seem more challenging than ever before.

After a lot of complicated soul searching and big dreaming, the answer turned out to be pretty simple. There are already loads of organisations working really hard to create fantastic opportunities for the people in our communities – we can help out by helping them!

We know that people in our region are really struggling to make ends meet for all kinds of reasons, and fresh food is often the first thing to go when families are struggling to stay afloat.

But by teaming up with you, and some of the brilliant, dedicated organisations working in our community, we can make a real, measurable difference to the lives of food insecure people living in our region.

It’s a real win – win!

The more businesses use our services, the more we can pour into our communities. We believe this simple change to our business could have a meaningful impact on the lives of the people in our region, and you are part of that change simply by keeping your workplace healthy with a fruit or milk delivery from us.

Rachel Bowden

Feelgood Fruit have supplied us with our workplace fruit for seven years now, and we're delighted to support their newly launched brand and business mission. Feelgood are reliable, responsive, and an all-round great company to deal with, and the fruit is always great quality which is really appreciated by our staff team.

Ubisoft CRC, Workplace Co-ordinator

Some of our clients

Here are some brilliant clients of ours, already helping out in the community simply by buying their weekly supply of fruit and milk from us: