Partnership outcomes: October 2021

This month we’ve started to get a better insight into the vast array of work that the team at St Vincent’s do everyday, and let me tell you, it’s been a real eye opener.

We’ve lived in Newcastle for years and know the distinctive building that houses Vinnie’s well. Speaking for myself, I had vague notions of ‘charity’ work going on there, but it wasn’t until we started investigating potential community partners that I was able to see past the walls and beyond the homogenising ‘charity’ label, to the diverse, energetic, warm community of people working to connect those who need help with tailored support, every day. This snapshot from a single day, written by Emma Bell, Project Coordinator, is a fantastic insight.

‘We have provided a range of support to clients today.

Supported a family with curtains for their new home and managed to get a couple of pairs of school shoes for their little boy.

A mam asked us to help support her two growing boys with clothes, underwear, socks, coats and trainers along with some trainers for herself.

We supported a very distressed gentleman who spoke very little English. Our time was needed to just really be there and listen, he was very lonely and I do think he will become a regular visitor to us.

Our volunteer Dave collected a very large support pack of clothing, bedding and other essential household items which was taken to support a family in the west end of Newcastle.

Met a young lad who is recently homeless and is following all the right things to hopefully find somewhere quickly to stay. He came along to the Centre got food so Jan kindly made him up a bag of snacks and a hot meal of pies and beans (which he requested).

A lady who has recently transitioned was in desperate need of clothing and shoes to fit. Our amazing team have worked really hard to make sure that she got all the items of clothing, shoes and underwear that she needed. This will help make a huge difference to how she is feeling.

This is just a handful of support we have offered just today. The centre is a warm and welcoming place anyone can pop while we are open and receive any help and support they may need.’

The other thing that has blown us away this month is just how far this team make a financial donation go. In terms of donations, £200 from the Feelgood fund is pretty small potatoes, but amazingly that has almost exclusively paid for every free, hot 3 course meal served at Vinnie’s cafe this October. That’s 444 meals! Hats off to catering supervisor Jan for her careful planning and ingenuity in making that happen. Wow!

Feelgood+St Vincent's+You=

444 free hot meals in October

Feelgood + St Vincent’s + You£200 fresh produce

“Having the money from the Feelgood fund means we can include our guests in meal planning”.

If you’re experiencing food insecurity for any reason, your right to choose what you eat becomes almost nonexistent. Choice is humanising, empowering. Being included in decision making, and being valued for your opinion is enabling, especially when so many other facets of life are out of your control.

Our clients

You are amazing! We’ve only just got started and we’ve already achieved so much together. Can’t wait to see what we can do in November!

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